Personal Loans

Residential Loan Products

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Home Equity Lines of Credit
If you want to make improvements to your home, consolidate your debts, or make major purchases, ask us about our competitive Home Equity Lines of Credit programs to suit your needs.

  • Mortgage Loans – Whether you’re buying a home, building your dream home, or looking to refinance, contact a personal banker at one of our branch locations and we’ll work with you to customize a loan to fit your needs and financial situation.

Consumer Loan Products

Credit Card
Use your Trans Pacific National Bank Visa® Credit Card for emergency purchases, traveling costs or shopping online. Trans Pacific National Bank offers credit cards that fit your needs.

Overdraft Protection
Protect your checking account from overdrawn. Overdraft Protection Plan helps to protect your account from overdrafts and return items. The fees under the plan may be less expensive than the fees for overdrafts and returned items.
With Overdraft Protection Plan, you are saved from having purchase denied or a check returned for insufficient funds. We will link your personal checking account to a savings or another checking account, your choice. When there is an insufficient balance in your checking account to pay for an item, funds are automatically transferred from the savings or another checking account to cover your purchases. We charge $5.00 for each transfer.

Other Loans

  • Installment Loans
  • Auto Loans