International Trade

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Our International Trade Division, a service not typically found in comparable independent banks, began operation in 1988 at our head office in San Francisco.  The division is managed by a group of banking professionals with extensive experience in trade finance.  In addition, it is staffed with knowledgeable, multilingual employees that can advise and guide you every step of the way to complete your trade transactions smoothly and successfully.  Whether you are a first time importer/exporter or a seasoned trader, the International Trade Division offers a wealth of insight and expertise that will optimize your trade opportunities.

Import Services

Structure, finance, and process import payments that meet your business objectives.

  • Import Letters of Credit: Issue letters of credit to ensure the greater protection for your purchases.
  • Import Collections: Increase payment flexibility and decrease fee costs with documentary collections.
  • Import Financing: Establish import working capital line of credit to support and expand your international business.  This will finance your overseas purchase by using your accounts receivables and inventory as collateral.

Export Services

Finance exports, mitigate risk, and manage payments that enhanced your profitability.

  • Export Letters of Credit: Advise timely incoming letters of credit notification.
  • Export Negotiation: Reduce payment risk by examining your shipping documents thoroughly in order to comply with documentary terms and conditions.
  • Export Collections: Allow payment flexibility with your trusted partners while reducing fee costs.
  • Export Financing: Finance through Ex-Im Bank/SBA guaranty program, Foreign Bill Purchase, Banker’s Acceptance and pre-export working capital line to fit your business needs.

Other Services

Structure various products that meet your business needs.

  • Transferable Letters of Credit: Transfer letters of credit to a third party to meet trading companies’ needs.
  • Standby Letters of Credit: Demonstrate financial responsibility to support trade obligations, bid and performance bond, and contingent debt commitment.
  • Foreign Currency Transactions: Assist your foreign currency demand.
  • International Wire Transfers: Effect your overseas payments through our SWIFT network system.