TPNB is Safe and Secure

April 14th, 2014 by Allison Mulder

Recently, a bug called the Heartbleed Bug has been discovered which could compromise a lot of data on the internet.  TPNB is posting this notice to help our customers learn:

  • What TPNB has done to protect our customers;
  • What the Heartbleed Bug is; and
  • What you can do to protect yourself.

What is the Bank doing to protect you?

At Trans Pacific National Bank, we know that security is one of our customers’ top priorities.  TPNB has worked diligently and determined that TPNB’s Online Banking and website are not affected by the Heartbleed Bug.   Your personal and financial information is safe with us.

What is the Heartbleed Bug?

The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library.   What is that?  This is what many sites use to protect your information on the internet.  Many popular social sites, business sites, online shopping sites, and even sites run by the government might be vulnerable.

If you would like to learn more about the Heartbleed Bug, go to the website

What can you do to protect yourself?

Many businesses are working to update their sites to respond to the Heartbleed Bug.  Here is what you can do to protect yourself:

  • Once sites have been updated and patched, change your passwords to any sites that require a username and password.  This includes sites such as email services, online retail stores, and online banking and credit card sites.  Changing your password is a precaution that will prevent anyone who has obtained your username and password from accessing your information online.
  • Keep up on the latest news to find out if any sites you use have been compromised or updated.

The following list includes some password best practices:

  • Use longer, complicated passwords that include letters, numbers and special characters.  The longer and more complicated your passwords are, the harder they are for a fraudster to figure out.
  • Use different passwords for each site.  This is a hard one; how do we remember all those passwords?  However, if a fraudster gets the password for one site, they will only have access to that site.  If all your passwords are the same, that fraudster could access any site using that password, especially if you use the same usernames for those sites.
  • Change your password every six months or so, especially for financial sites.
  • Keep your passwords secure and don’t share them with others.
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SF Branch Relocating on January 21, 2014

December 12th, 2013 by mswartz

Our New SF Branch premises is located at 88 Kearny Street, Suite 1750, San Francisco, CA 94108 with extended new banking hours Monday to Friday, 9:00a.m to 5:00p.m. The approximate walking distance between the previous branch location and the new branch location is 0.2 miles. We will keep you informed on any changes to the moving date if the remodel takes longer than expected.

View Larger Map

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Millbrae Manager Maria Jack Joins Rotary

March 15th, 2013 by melissalew

Millbrae Branch Manager Maria Jack

Congratulations to the new Millbrae Rotarian – Maria Jack, Branch Manager of our Milbrae Branch!







Millbrae Mayor Gina Papan with CAO Michael Delucchi, Millbrae Manager Maria Jack, and Customer Service Specialist Shirley Chow

Trans Pacific National Bank’s management and Millbrae Branch staff attended the Millbrae Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club’s Excellence in Business Awards Dinner where local businesses were recognized for their accomplishments.  The event was held at the El Rancho Hotel in Millbrae.  Later that week the Millbrae staff supported Business of the Year winner Amelia’s Antics by sponsoring their Ladies Night Celebration.





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Santa Claus Visits Trans Pacific National Bank

December 16th, 2012 by mdelucchi

On December 15th and 16th Santa Claus made his annual visit to the Alameda and Millbrae offices of Trans Pacific National Bank taking pictures with over 200 good boys & girls.  More than 400 customers and other moms and dads enjoyed hot apple cider, coffee, and holiday treats.  Each child received a candy cane and a goody bag filled with surprises from Santa.  With enough smiles, holiday tunes, and Christmas cheer to go around people couldn’t say enough about how wonderful it was that TPNB had Santa visit for this special free event for the community.

Click here to see the Santa Pictures from Alameda (12/15/12)

Click here to see the Santa Pictures from Millbrae (12/16/12)